Whether it’s paper jams or queues at the printer, the office copier plays a pivotal role in workflow processes and can interfere with productivity and output.

Over the years, there have been significant technological developments in the office copier market with features like high-speed printing, wireless connectivity, and enhanced security measures. Even though advances have been made with AI and machine learning algorithms, familiar problems still crop up. Read on to find out how to overcome some common office copier issues.

Four Common Problems With Office Copiers

1. Paper Jams

This evergreen problem is time-consuming to rectify and slows down print jobs in the queue. It’s especially frustrating when a meeting is scheduled and participants expect an agenda or report or when deadlines are looming.

To solve the problem, the paper needs to be removed manually and reloaded, but preventing paper jams is ideal. Loading the correct paper size, fanning it out before inserting it into the paper tray, and making sure it is correctly aligned minimizes potential downtime. Ideally, the best quality of paper should be used as low-grade paper can contain particles or rough sections that interfere with the functioning of an office copier.

2. Lines or Streaks on the Page

Lines often appear because of foreign substances on the scanner’s glass or mirror but can also arise from a developer unit or issues with parts such as fusers. Drum-blade malfunction can result in thick lines vertically down the page, especially if the office copier maintenance schedule is not up to date.

To prevent this issue, the office copier glass can be cleaned using a slightly moistened, lint-free cloth with a glass cleaner, taking care not to let moisture seep into the machine. More serious issues require a technician, but when purchasing an office copier, leasing rather than buying outright could be a more budget-friendly solution when it comes to expensive components such as the photocopier’s drum. Choosing the right office copier leasing company and the most suitable leasing contract to suit the organization’s needs is key.

3. Frequent “Printer Offline” Error Messages

Office IT guys often joke about the number of times they have to respond to technology emergencies with, “Is it switched on?” But it goes deeper than pressing the on switch. There may be power issues, connection cables could be incorrectly inserted or have been disconnected, or the router may be malfunctioning. Software issues that crop up in settings or drivers can also be the cause.

To get rid of those pesky offline error messages, ensure that the power and other cables are properly connected and that the printer is on. Test the ink levels on the copier, and check if the router has issues. The software settings may need to be adjusted on the computer or the office copier, and security settings must enable the transmission of the print file. The driver should be updated regularly, and support resources are available online, but the simpler solution is managed print services.

4. Failure to Print or Scan

As a multi-function device (MFD), several things can go wrong with the office copier. This is especially true if the device copies and scans emails or performs other functions, too. More advanced models, for example, can sort, staple, and punch holes, creating more opportunities to slow down print queues if not properly handled.

One faulty function may not mean the whole device is malfunctioning. If the scanner is inoperative, the copier may still print from electronically transmitted files, but if the printer doesn’t print, it could render the office copier obsolete. Narrowing down which function of the MFD is the cause of the issue is the first step to troubleshooting, and any one of the above solutions could apply to the office copier.

If your printer is failing to print of scan, try restarting the machine. But if the same problem persists, alternative document management processes may be necessary. If the basic fixes suggested don’t work, it’s best to call a technician.

Ways to Optimize Your Printing and Scanning Workflow Processes

The office copier is a workhorse that can support a productive workplace without creating more problems. For that reason, be sure to choose the right copier company and the most suitable type of machine.

Legacy printers are a barrier to deploying the newest technology and meeting the demands of a modern office. The intense manual labor that hinders a team’s productivity with the inherent human error factor can be upgraded with software solutions that seamlessly integrate functions and automate work processes.

The best software and tools to improve office workflow are designed to streamline systems, decreasing downtime and monitoring performance. The secure digital data transfer and storage of the best office copiers simplifies practices. Copier market research rates Kyocera and Canon amongst the top ten manufacturers globally for school, government, retail, and office copiers when looking at the copier market from 2023 to 2030.

The interruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of digital document solutions, as remote work and online collaboration became the new workplace practices. With the growing demand for optimized office productivity, analysis shows that the need for better solutions is driving better document management systems.

Balancing workflow with the environment underpins sustainability as environmentally friendly programs like the ECO footPRINT toner recycling program offer a simple, waste-free solution to responsible disposal of print cartridges. Driven by Kyocera and their partners at Close The Loop, dealers can arrange to have a toner recycling box delivered. When full, the used cartridges don’t increase landfills but are recycled into useful objects that serve a necessary function using sustainable technologies that are a broad feature of Elite Imaging Systems that extends to toner recycling.

Copier Issues Solved

Office copiers can experience all kinds of problems, especially in a busy environment. Whether the issue is big of small, you’ll be happy to know that help is at hand. If you have an office in the Troy, Detroit, or Flint areas, contact Elite Imaging Systems. We’ll only be too happy to resolve your copier problems.