Today’s printers have come a long way. The bulky and inefficient machines of yesterday only served one function – to produce printouts. Modern printers are much more sophisticated and can offer a range of features. In addition to standard functions such as copying and printing, these devices provide remote capabilities and Wi-Fi connectivity.

However, many small and mid-sized companies can’t afford to buy these cutting-edge printers. Instead, they go directly to a copier leasing company. Here we’ll explain why leasing a copier may be a better alternative.

What Does a Copier Leasing Company Do

Printers and copiers are something most modern businesses can’t operate without. Once you purchase a device, you’re still left with the cost of maintenance and repair. But there is a simple solution to avoid all the upfront costs – leasing.

Investing thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in a high-tech copier can be detrimental to a small business. Instead, a copier leasing company can step in and offer you a much more budget-friendly alternative. This way, you can use high-end tech that won’t break the bank.

Who Is Copier Leasing Suited To

If you’re considering leasing a copier, you should know that a typical lease lasts between three to five years. While this can vary depending on the supplier, you’re still facing a long-term binding contract. Your company will be legally obligated to make fixed monthly payments until your contract expires. What’s more, early termination could invoke hefty fees. This is a scenario best avoided.

Contacting a copier leasing company is an excellent option for those firms that can confidently predict their copier needs for several years to come. If you require a more temporary solution, you should consider renting. Businesses with copiers that are an integral part of their offices stand to benefit from leasing.

Renting vs. Leasing

While these two might sound similar, there are some crucial differences. Renting is more attractive to small businesses due to its flexibility and the lack of long-term commitment. You’re given a monthly rolling contract that can be terminated with just 30 days’ notice. Many start-ups choose this option when setting up their operations.

However attractive a short-term commitment might seem, it’s not without its faults. Your supplier might recall their equipment with the same one-month notice. While offering temporary convenience, renting is an inferior option in the long run.

In some cases, your copier leasing company might give you the option to buy the machine at the end of the lease. Rental contracts don’t include this option. If your business is sustainable, the benefits of leasing outweigh the benefits of renting.

Leasing Benefits for Small Businesses

When buying new copiers, there are far more concerns than just the initial investment. Getting rid of your outdated copiers can prove to be troublesome. Given their size, recycling can prove to be a nightmare. This can all be avoided with leasing. In due course, your copier leasing company will take care of disposal, saving you time and valuable resources.

Here are several other reasons why leasing is much more beneficial than buying office copiers.

Low Barrier of Entry

Not all companies can afford to purchase expensive printers and copiers. Leasing removes the need for a large initial investment while still allowing businesses to use cutting-edge devices.

Leasing a copier can also help you reduce your tax bill. You can claim the payments as a business expense, thus making them 100% tax deductible. This benefit applies to mid-sized and large companies as well.

Increased Cashflow

Cash flow is vital to any business’s success, regardless of its size. Working with a copier leasing company will allow you to free up a significant amount of cash flow. You can direct money to where it matters most rather than spending a substantial amount on copiers and printers.

Staying Up to Date

Technology constantly keeps evolving. Keeping track of all the advancements can take up much of your time. Your copier leasing company allows you to take advantage of cutting-edge technology. Instead of upgrading to a whole new model, let your partners supply you with the latest devices at a time and cost that suits you.

Maintenance Cost and Expertise

Copiers and printers require precise and timely maintenance like any other modern machine. Working on these complex pieces of equipment can be a challenge for anyone without adequate training. When leasing a device, all this work is a part of the package.

Your copier leasing company will monitor and maintain your copier fleet and reduce any downtime. Some even include the option to refill toners in your printers automatically.

Contract Flexibility

Business owners are given many options at the end of their lease agreement. You can end, renew, or even upgrade your lease based on your current needs. In rare cases, you can even buy the printer you have been using for the duration of your contract.

Comparing Copier Leasing Company Quotes

If you’ve decided to lease copiers and printers, you need to consider a few additional factors. While leasing has many benefits, you still need to be aware of your business needs when placing an order. When choosing the right proper copiers and printers, be mindful of the following:

  • The size of your workplace
  • Your copying volume and speed needs
  • Type of connectivity required for your office
  • Additional copier features that benefit your workflow

Ready for a Lease?

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