Your Content Goes HereFollowing the digital revolution, many proclaimed that printing was dead. But visit a few offices nationwide, and you’ll quickly realize this is far from the truth. A copier (among other equipment) is still an essential part of everyday operations for many businesses.

For that reason, to get or not to get a copier shouldn’t even be a question. The only thing you should consider is whether to lease or purchase this handy device. Read about the advantages of both options, and you’ll quickly make a decision for your business.

The Advantages of a Copier Lease

A copier lease can be an excellent way to fulfill all your document reproduction needs without a permanent commitment. Choose the right copier leasing company, and your business will enjoy the following advantages.

Lower Upfront Cost

Typically, copier lease is significantly less expensive than purchasing this device. So, no wonder this is one of the primary reasons companies (especially startups and small businesses) choose to take the copier lease route.

After all, copiers can get pretty costly. Though you can find some basic models at affordable rates, these will rarely be able to keep up with your business demands. But if you want a high-end model, you’re looking at a five-figure price tag.

With a copier lease, you can break down these staggering figures into monthly payments, which are infinitely more manageable. At the same time, you can use your available funds to invest in your business and eventually be able to purchase whatever office equipment you’d like.

Upgrade Options

Copiers are constantly getting more advanced and powerful. But purchasing a new copier every time a better model hits the market isn’t a viable solution, especially for businesses with a limited cash flow. Luckily, a copier lease resolves this issue for you.

At the end of your lease term, you’ll be given the option to purchase the copier you’ve been using to upgrade to a newer model. Choose the latter option, and your business will always have access to the latest technology.

Access to High-Quality Copiers

Sometimes, a device is so well-made that no newer models can surpass its performance. Suppose you’ve been eyeing one such copier for your business. You’re positive this device is all your business will need for years to come. So, what’s the issue? Well, premium copiers usually come with a premium price.

But just because your business can’t afford to purchase a high-end copier model upfront doesn’t mean it can’t have access to it. It’s copier lease to the rescue. This copier service essentially levels the playing field, allowing even beginners to keep up with established companies technology-wise.

Tax Savings

With a copier lease, you’ll pay monthly installments for your chosen device. These payments are regarded as pre-tax business expenses. In other words, the entire expense is tax-deductible.

The Advantages of Copier Purchase

While copier lease offers numerous advantages, purchasing this device is also a highly appealing option.

Lower Long-Term Costs

Sure, purchasing a high-quality copier requires a substantial upfront investment. But what many business owners seem to overlook is the long-term cost of copier lease vs. purchase.

You see, leasing a copier might not cost you anything upfront, but it can add up to a pretty penny down the road. It all depends on your agreed interest, fees, and contract terms. Plus, lease a copier, and you’ll have to continue paying for it even if you aren’t using it. In other words, you’ll waste money you could’ve used to advance your business.

When you purchase a copier outright, there are no hidden fees or interest payments. Also, you can quickly sell the device once you stop using it, recouping some of the initial investment.

Streamlined Process

Choose the copier lease route, and you’ll be met with tons of paperwork, from your company’s financial information to the leasing agreement. The lease terms can be challenging to negotiate, adding unnecessary stress to this process. Not to mention the amount of stress business owners can feel if they fail to negotiate properly and end up with unfavorable terms.

With a copier purchase, there’s no stress involved. Just pick a reliable supplier, find the device that best suits your needs, and go buy it. As simple as that! No contracts, unreliable third parties, or complicated negotiations in sight.

Calling All the Shots

A copier lease can come with strict rules on the lease period, contract terms, and maintenance requirements. Plus, you’re typically stuck with a device until your lease is up, even if it no longer meets your business needs.

When you purchase a copier, you can call all the shots regarding the device. Upgrade it when it can no longer keep up, sell it when you no longer use it, and maintain it whenever you want. It’s entirely up to you!

When to Choose a Copier Lease

With all the advantages of a copier lease in mind, you can easily conclude whether this is the best choice for your business. With this option, it all revolves around money. If your business doesn’t have the necessary funds to invest in new equipment, leasing is the way to go. This rings true whether you lack the money to buy numerous copiers or gain access to the latest copier models.

A copier lease will also be a better option if you’re unsure about your business’s future or only have short-term needs for this device.

When to Choose Copier Purchase

Sure, having enough money or not is often a deciding factor between copier lease and purchase. But even if your business has sufficient funds, it doesn’t mean it will benefit from purchasing a copier. Investing in such a device will only be beneficial if your business has extensive and stable copying needs and values long-term savings and minimal administrative complexities.

The Choice Is Yours

When it comes to copier lease vs. purchase, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. The choice basically boils down to your budget and business needs. But whichever option you choose, one thing remains the same – you’ll need a reliable service provider.

If you operate a business in Troy, Detroit, or Flint, Elite Imaging Systems is the way to go. Get in touch with our representatives today, and let us take care of all your copier needs in a hassle-free and efficient manner.