Regardless of whether a business keeps documents in physical form or has gone completely paperless, the documentation always piles up in the background. Even if your paperwork is digital, chances are your company has volumes of it on a storage device.

Like physical papers, digital documents can get messy after a while, making it hard to find a particular copy on demand. This is one of the critical issues that a document management system can address. But there are even more advantages to having a system that handles documentation. This article will explore the main features and benefits of document management.

What Is Document Management?

Generally speaking, document management consists of different resources and processes meant to keep business documentation in order. Whether the documents are digital or hardcopy, the system can organize them in storage for easier classification and retrieval.

Today, document management mainly refers to digital documents since fewer companies dedicate the required space for filing cabinets and paper isn’t the only option businesses have available. Of course, since the documents are digital, so are the solutions to manage them.

A proper management system needs to cover three crucial facets: indexing, automation, and integration.


Indexing plays a vital role in document retrieval. Documents can be indexed by type, date, customer, or other parameters, allowing users to search for them more effectively. In addition, the system may allow for searches within the document text and by keywords.

The best part about indexing is that it doesn’t have to be done manually. Instead, the system can tag individual documents automatically, which brings us to the second key factor in document management – automation.


With an automated workflow, the system can do much more than place your documents in the correct order. It’s possible to set up the management system to start particular protocols based on the status of specific documents. For instance, if such automation solutions are applied to contracts, invoices, or employee records, signing and forwarding those essential documents can speed up the overall workflow and improve operation throughout the company.


Finally, document management solutions can live up to their full potential when integrated with other systems. Combining the resources of a dedicated document manager with CRM, email, or resource-planning software will open up additional functionality and make processes more streamlined.

It’s worth mentioning that there are two main ways to manage documents: on-premises and via cloud. The former relies on hardware and software connected with your business network, while the latter uses cloud technology for storing documents on dedicated servers.

Both variants have their advantages. On-premises management gives you total control over the system and enables offline use. The cloud system removes most expenses that would otherwise be necessary.

How Document Management Helps

The main benefits of document management involve the integral functions of the process. The first advantage of this system comes from creating a digital database that contains the complete documentation of an organization.

Seamless Document Capture

There are several ways to capture documents in digital format. Scanning is, of course, the most widespread method, since it can be done using various devices. Existing documents can be scanned using copiers, scanners, or even smartphones.

Optical character recognition (OCR) is another technological solution that makes digitization easier. OCR can easily convert images and text in particular into digital documents which can be imported in the document management system.

Any documents contained within a different system can also be imported for management purposes. In that case, the management solution can increase its functional scope, categorizing and handling documents from various sources.

Faxes and emails can be stored and indexed in a digital environment, too. Naturally, digital formats like PDFs will be even easier to introduce into the system.

Easier Document Access and Management

Employing different methods of document capturing maximizes the management system’s efficiency. All of the data will be easy to find and the documents will be readily available whenever needed.

Once all documents are in the system, they can be tracked and managed almost effortlessly. The system can make document usage more efficient and safer, leading to fewer errors.

In particular, a document management system lets users implement role-based access control. In other words, only those team members who need to access certain files and documents can view or edit them. This is crucial when it comes to maintaining document confidentiality and customer privacy.

Furthermore, you can put audit logs in place to ensure transparency when it comes to document access. The logs provide insight about which users viewed which documents and whether any changes were made.

Additionally, regular logging reveals the number of documents that teams or individuals process within a certain period. This information is valuable when it comes to accountability and setting company goals.

Safer Storage

Digital documents can be stored safely within a management system. Digital storage is much more secure than keeping paper copies. Documents won’t succumb to wear and tear, fade, or get misplaced.

Digital document management also makes creating backups easier so that disaster recovery isn’t an issue. Plus, high-grade encryption and security solutions keep sensitive files safe in the digital environment.

When all of the mentioned features are brought together in one package, your business gets a system that’s easy to navigate, contributes to better work efficiency, and keeps essential documents safe. As a result, the system can improve numerous aspects of the company, from better everyday operations to building customer trust.

Bring Your Documentation Up to Speed

Implementing a document management system can make your company more competitive in the modern market. With proper management, your documentation will stay compliant with the leading industry standards. Better yet, the entire organization can leverage the latest digital solutions, ensuring constant improvements and growth.

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