Are you on the lookout for a new business copier? It may be a little trickier to pick one than it might appear at first. These days, copiers are do-it-all machines that can print, scan, fax, and more. Let’s break down what you should consider to find the right one for your space.

What’s the Deal With Business Copiers?

Business copiers sit in the background of the office, doing their job and perhaps being overlooked until they stop working for any reason. Not only do they handle basic copying, but they’re also central to managing documents and keeping things running smoothly.

If you need to get one, there are a few things you need to keep an eye on.

Keep Up With the Pace

When you’re choosing a business copier, think about how fast it needs to operate. Can it handle the morning rush of reports and memos? It has to keep up with whatever your team throws at it so they are not stuck waiting for their turn at the machine.

More Than Copies

Business copiers now are the Swiss Army knives of the office. Need to scan a document to your email? Fax an order form? If you can afford it and it’s worthwhile, look for a machine that can handle all of that. You’ll do more with less and free up some space in the office.

Looking Good on Paper

There’s nothing worse than a fuzzy copy of an important document. A good business copier should deliver clear, crisp prints every time, whether a simple internal memo or a proposal for a client. Quality matters because, let’s face it, it reflects on your business.

Easy Does It

Nobody wants to wrestle with a complicated machine just to make a few copies. A user-friendly business copier should be simple enough that anyone in the office can use it without a manual. If your team can operate it smoothly, it will save everyone time and frustration.

Why You’d Want a Modern Business Copier

Now, let’s look at some perks of upgrading an old copier to a fancier one.

Cutting Costs with Your Copier

Modern business copiers are easy on your budget. They use less ink or toner and generally don’t need as many repairs, which means you can spend less on maintenance and supplies over the long haul. Your dollar will go further.

More Than Just Making Copies

These days, a business copier is your office’s multitasking hero. Need to upload a document to the cloud? Check. Sending a PDF to a colleague halfway around the world? No problem. These machines help your team stay connected and share information faster than ever, which is great for getting things done quickly but efficiently.

Eco-Friendly Office Tech

Your next business copier may be more environmentally friendly. With features like duplex (two-sided) printing and energy-saving modes, these machines let you use less paper and power. This reduces your office’s environmental impact and can also cut down on utility bills, a win-win for the wallet and the planet.

Picking the Perfect Copier

Choosing the right business copier means knowing what your office really uses it for. Here’s how to avoid ending up with the wrong fit.

What Are You Printing?

First, what is coming out of your printer? If it’s just a handful of daily emails and memos, you won’t need the same device as a business that prints high-resolution images for brochures. Pinning down the type of documents you regularly produce will guide you to a business copier that’s right for your office.

Total Cost of Ownership

Look beyond the price tag. The real cost of a business copier includes ink or toner, maintenance, and the electricity to run it. Think of it as the difference between the cost of buying a puppy and the ongoing expenses of food, vet visits, and toys. Be ready for all the costs.

Ready to Grow?

Businesses change—that’s part of the excitement. Can your business copier keep up? Check if you can add features like extra paper trays or advanced scanning capabilities. Also, if you need to downsize, don’t overdo it with a copier that is too fancy for its own good.

Ease of Integration

How well does the business copier play with the other technology in your office? Your new copier should integrate with the existing networks and software. Your team should know how to use it and feel confident with it quickly.

Taking Care of Your Copier

After you get the right business copier, you have to keep it in top shape to avoid paper jams and other annoyances. So, let’s learn a bit about maintenance.

Keep It Spotless

Just a little tidying up can go a long way. Give your business copier a gentle wipe down and dust it from time to time. It will look better, and you’ll also avoid problems like paper jams and streaky prints.

Regular Maintenance is Key

Think of your copier like your car; it runs best with regular check-ups. Schedule times to have a professional look it over, replace parts that wear out, and make sure everything’s working as it should. Doing so keeps small issues from becoming big down the road.

Keep Supplies on Hand

Ever run out of toilet paper at the wrong time? It’s the same with copier supplies. Keep extra toner or ink and paper stocked. That way, you’re never caught off guard when supplies suddenly run low right when you need them most.

Update Software Regularly

It’s best when your business copier’s software is up to date. Manufacturers release updates to improve performance and add new features. Staying current helps your copier operate as it should and remain compatible with other tech in your office.

Copier tech keeps getting cooler. Expect to see more security features, better integration with tech systems, and smarter setups that predict and fix issues without you having to fuss over them.

Ready for a Business Copier?

A solid business copier can seriously smooth out day-to-day operations. If you’re around Troy, Detroit, or Flint and thinking about a copier upgrade, check out what Elite Imaging Systems has to offer. Head over to our homepage, catch up on our latest news, or drop us a line through our contact page.