Reliable office equipment can make the difference between an efficient workflow and unnecessary downtime. Organizations that print large volumes of documents and images will especially benefit from a color MFP (multifunctional printer). This effective machine easily completes daily tasks, including printing, copying, scanning, binding, and sometimes even shredding. However, the wrong one can also significantly slow crucial operations. Here, you’ll learn the top reasons why your business needs a color MFP and some tips on buying one.

How a Color MFP Benefits the Office Ecosystem

There are multiple ways in which using a color MFP helps the office ecosystem improve. These benefits range from convenience to cutting costs, downtime, and increasing productivity.

Streamlines Document Management

Using a color MFP consolidates document management into a single place. Instead of multiple stations, employees can print, scan, and copy using just one machine. Allowing for digital access, a color MFP also lets employees print using their smartphones and computers. This creates a digital network where employers may easily track and monitor progress.

Marketing and advertisement agencies, law firms, medical companies, and design studios that regularly print a high volume of documents and images will especially benefit from simplifying the process with a color MFP. Using one makes document organization an easy task.

Cuts Down on Outsourcing Costs

Many businesses need clear, crisp, and sharp images for daily operations, ad campaigns, and presentations. Without a color MFP, employers will have to outsource such projects to printing companies, resulting in high costs.

A color MFP uses advanced print technology for accurate color printing and copying. However, the final result will also depend on the exact technology type. For example, inkjet printers are slower but produce vibrant and precise finished prints. On the other hand, laser printers are fast and can create a larger print volume in less time.

Your ultimate choice will depend on the unique needs of your business. An inkjet Color MFP is better if you care about precise color hues and accurate representations. If you’re more of a document-focused company, then a laser color MFP is the way to go.

Easy to Maintain and Repair

A jammed printer can cause significant downtime. Employees won’t have access to the necessary documents to complete tasks, brief colleagues, and deliver to clients.

Repairing the machine can be done quickly, but fixing multiple ones isn’t just inconvenient; it’s expensive. By consolidating a scanner, printer, copier, and fax machine into one device, users can avoid additional costs, time, and effort associated with maintenance and fixing minor malfunctions like jamming.

Increases Overall Office Productivity and Performance

Effective, efficient, and convenient are all words that describe a color MFP. By allowing employees to scan, print, and copy their documents quickly, they can focus more time and effort on completing tasks and delivering outstanding results.

Professionals can increase productivity when they have all the tools and resources needed to do the job. With a color MFP, everyone can eliminate unnecessary roadblocks in the workflow, ultimately leading to better performance.

How a Color MFP Delivers Document Solutions

Now that you’ve seen how a color MFP can improve the workplace, it’s time to examine their exact features and how they can deliver concrete document solutions for any business organization.

Some of the main features of a color MFP include the following:

  • Precise, high-volume printing – This is the primary function of any multifunctional printer. A color MFP is highly efficient at printing out both black and white and color documents. Additionally, many models can print on various paper types. This makes for more customization options.
  • Copying – A color MFP can also provide quick physical copies of any black-and-white or color document.
  • Scanning – Contemporary businesses are becoming increasingly digital. With this transition comes the need to digitize, store, email, and edit older physical documents. A color MFP will quickly complete this task for you.
  • Faxing machines – Though this function isn’t used as much as before, it can still come in handy. Many MFPs also feature a fax option for sending a scanned document to other fax machines.
  • Storage – In a fast-paced business environment, documents can get lost. It’s beneficial to have multiple versions ready, just in case. Some multifunctional printers have hard drives especially made for storing necessary documents for later use.
  • Digital network integration – Certain color multifunctional printer models allow users to connect to the device through their computers, phones, or tablets. This enhances convenience even more, as users can initiate the process with just a few clicks or taps.
  • Finishing options – With the right color MFP, users can add the finishing touches to any document. Models frequently have staplers, binders, and hole punchers to streamline the collating process.

Choosing a Multifunctional Printer

The exact color MFP needed will ultimately depend on the unique needs of your business. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before choosing:

  • Consider the long-term costs when selecting office equipment – A multifunctional printer might seem costly. Still, it can save you money long-term instead of buying multiple devices.
  • Factor in the price of consumables – Next to the device itself, users will also need to factor in the regular cost of ink cartridge replacements for prints. Consider these prices when selecting the printing technology. Laser printing requires less expensive cartridges than inkjet.
  • Think about leasing, renting, and buying – Not all companies need a color MFP for long periods. Renting or leasing one might be the more cost-effective option.

A Seamless Workflow With Multifunctional Office Equipment

The right office equipment can improve workflow and productivity, allowing businesses to flourish while maintaining a high-paced environment. However, choosing a suitable color MFP is crucial. Elite Imaging Systems has 100 combined years of industry experience. We focus on delivering only the best MFPS, printers, and document management for any office. If you’re a business in Troy, Detroit, or Flint, contact us for the best solution to improve your office ecosystem.