Offices rely on a host of sophisticated devices to keep business running smoothly. However, focusing only on higher-tech items like computers and specialized industrial equipment is a mistake. When you’re thinking about investing in new machines to streamline your workflow, go back to the basics. Printers, scanners, copiers, and fax machines remain critical for everyday workplace tasks. These devices have survived the digital revolution for a reason. Offices continue to rely on creating and managing paper-based documents. In fact, most businesses that try to go digital will still handle paper daily. The old-fashioned way of interacting with documents is here to stay for the foreseeable future. However, your old devices may be holding your business back. Color multifunction printers combine the functionality of all of these single-use machines. When you lease or buy one, you get a high-performance device that holds up under continuous and heavy operation. Color multifunction printers (MFPs) also go a step farther, offering your business more ways to reach a wide pool of people and produce quality products and paper goods.

The Benefits Color Multifunction Printers Bring to Businesses

Multifunction printers benefit your business by trimming costs and increasing convenience. This has two main effects. It boosts productivity by speeding up standard workplace processes. The color MFP also makes it easier for you to control your company’s data and keep security tight.

What is your current set of office machines costing you? The purchase cost was just the beginning. This handful of older devices needs regular maintenance. It takes time to train employees to use the tech, time to operate them, and even more time for troubleshooting. Don’t forget about the utility expenses and the space devoted to these machines.

A color multifunction printer is just one device you need to make room for in the building and your budget. These machines may incorporate a lot of different functions. However, they’re designed to be easy to operate. The people in your company can enjoy the convenience of handling all of their major paper-handling tasks at this one location. 

They are saving significant amounts of time by not having to wrestle with old machines or wander between rooms and floors. These time savings add to greater productivity as the workplace’s processes run more smoothly.

Relying on just one device gives you another benefit: greater security and data control. It’s much easier to monitor one machine than several. MFPs also provide various data security tools, including detailed logs, encryption, tiered access, and more.

 Why Printing in Color Is More Relevant Than Ever

Not all MFPs are color printers. Color printing offers major advantages that make these devices the first choice for many businesses. You can get monochrome units that spit out accurate text documents at high speed, along with all the other standard functions like scanning. These devices can be more compact and more affordable than their color-printing siblings. However, companies rarely rely on them alone. Monochrome MFPs are often bought as supplementary devices.

Color printing is eye-catching in a way that monochrome simply isn’t. Whether you’re creating sales posters or trade show booklets, a flash of color offers greater impact. This is more than a perk; it’s necessary for the modern marketplace. The people you’re trying to reach are used to impeccable quality and crisp colors. A drab monochrome paper will be quickly forgotten if they see it at all.

Grabbing attention is one thing. What about making your message or brand memorable? People are naturally more likely to retain information that is at least partially in color. Bright graphics, or the judicious use of in-document images, help your message stay in the mind over the short and long term.

Key Points to Consider When Leasing Your Next Color Multifunction Printer

Color multifunction printers come at a wide range of price points, with more expensive models costing thousands of dollars. However, many companies are getting these devices for a fraction of the cost. Most office technology vendors offer flexible leasing plans. These allow everyone from SMBs to large corporations to get a color multifunction printer in the office.

Leasing offers several benefits over buying an MFP. These include:

● It’s often easier to come up with monthly payments than a lump sum for the equipment.

● Leasing is a fraction of the purchase price, letting the company access technology they otherwise couldn’t afford.

● What you pay is spelled out in the contract with no surprises. This simplifies your monthly budget planning.

● The service agreement may include maintenance and repairs, taking the burden off your company to find a qualified technician and schedule regular servicing.

● It’s easy to upgrade to new models with exciting new functionalities. You won’t fall behind the competition because you’re tied to an old, defunct device.

● Your leasing plan may have the option to buy the printer if you love it. This is a great way to try out the machine and ensure it fits seamlessly into the office’s workflows.

● Your equipment lease payments may be qualified as operating expenses which you can deduct from your taxes.

Technology has changed the modern office in many ways, but one thing has stayed the same: creating and handling paper documents are still vital parts of doing business. Color multifunction printers let you swap out numerous older, single-use devices for one sophisticated machine. These MFPs help you trim costs, increase productivity, and lock your data down. The appealing color images you can create grab attention and keep it focused on your company’s branding and your message. For all types and sizes of companies, leasing is an affordable way to access a high-end device that might otherwise be outside of the budget. Leasing plans also let the company upgrade models as they come out. Are you interested in adding a new color multifunction printer to your Detroit business´s fleet of office technology? If so, contact Elite Imaging Systems today to learn more!