Chances are, by now you’ve heard of wide or large format printers. These resourceful devices have become more prevalent in offices over the past few years, as businesses are increasingly taking advantage of this versatility and the benefits that come along with it. While you may be aware of their existence, you may be unsure of what exactly a wide format printer is, and what differentiates it from the average office printer. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered in this article with an introduction to the world of wide format and everything it has to offer you.

A wide format printer can print high-quality color jobs on larger media types than your standard device, which typically has a maximum paper size of 12” x 18”. Wide format printers can handle media well over 100 inches in width. The ability to handle such large media makes it possible for you to print items you would never dream of with your average printer: banners, posters, displays, signs, etc. With such large media sizes at your disposal without sacrificing quality, you can print materials such as signage and advertising that will stand out and grab people’s attention.

However, what really sets wide format printers apart is their ability to handle and print on a vast array of materials. Besides standard paper, wide format devices can also print jobs on fine art paper, cardboard, canvas, wood, metal, fabric, textile, aluminum, and a variety of different types of vinyl. Think of the possibilities available to you when you can print on just about anything: vehicle wraps, weatherproof signs and banners, trade show displays and backdrops, self-adhesive promotional stickers and decals, wallpaper, blueprints and architectural designs, etc.

This versatility is a huge shot in the arm for your marketing efforts, as it enables you to promote your business and create brand awareness in-house on your own schedule affordably. Wide format printers create visually stunning signage in full colors that can stand up to the elements but don’t require you to run to a print shop every time you have an edit or new job. Go big and take control of your branding, marketing, and advertising.

If your company would benefit from printing large-scale projects in-house—and which business wouldn’t—a wide format device could be the perfect solution to eliminate the need to outsource these print jobs and promote your brand. Contact us today to learn more and see one of these devices in action.