ROI Print Manager is a Powerful Print Management and Cost Recovery Solution 

It allows complete control of your print services, throughout your organization. This solution feeds printer and MFP usage data directly into monitoring applications, as well as tracks print and copy jobs, across all network printers and MFPs, including USB attached devices. The wide range of reporting capabilities facilitates cost control, using an extensive administrative user interface via web browser. 

ROI enforces print and user rules and provides informative messages to create user awareness, in order to drive down costs. Simple enforcement rules, such as color or duplex printing control, can be enhanced by cost-effective device routing of all print jobs. Within seconds, administrators can dictate where an unlimited number of users can print, and to which device(s). 

ROI offers many Secure Print Release options, including pull printing, utilizing a ROI user interface at various devices. Even users of mobile devices can print and release ANY print job at ANY print device. ROI provides confidence when security is a concern, with multiple authentication options, including ID Cards and pin numbers. Single Sign-On (SSO) is supported on MFPs, which allows for a one-time authentication for all their print, copy and scan workflows. 

ROI helps eliminate print servers through centralized print driver management and deployment capabilities, as well as comprehensive queue management at both the server and desktop level.   This allows organizations to dramatically reduce the cost and overhead of managing a fleet of printers and MFPs, no matter how large. 

ROI is well suited to small, medium and large organizations alike.  Its flexible enterprise architecture allows for both centralized and distributed deployments based on client needs and network architecture.